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Hi everyone,

Today I want to introduce a little more Vanadis Couture and where it comes from.

I assume Vanadis probably does not evoke much for most of you. And yet…Vanadis is actually the second name of the Nordic goddess Freyja.

In the Edda, a collection of Scandinavian poetry, we can find the name of Vanadis to designate Freyja.

Freyja embodies the goddess of love, beauty, but is also a great warrior and magician. As for väna, it means “beautiful”. So, what better name for my brand whose ambition is to dress women who know or discover their infinite beauty and strength?

Thus, Vanadis Couture encourages individuality, open-mindedness and self-acceptance through original and elegant couture inspired by unexpected sources, such as culture, subculture and art, and crafted with a particular attention to details.

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