Valdis, goddess of valhalla

Valhalla is the hall of slain warriors who live there blissfully under the leadership of Odin. The place is depicted as a splendid palace, roofed with shields

Valdis is a warrior queen.

Her name derives from the Norse name “Valdís”, composed of two elements: the “valr” the slain (in Valhalla) and “dís” (Norse goddess). Her name means “goddesses of Valhalla”.

For my Valdis corset I chose a mesh fabric which is a light transparent fabric, usually used for summer corsets. Mesh fabric is super comfortable, sturdy enough to build a corset with, yet not recommended for tight lacing.

The curves of the Valdis corset are highlighted by several handmade external boning channels made of sateen coutil with a beautiful sheen. I designed some decorative curves with the boning channels to mimic the pattern of a cage. The cage here represents the sturdiness of the corset, contrasted by the lightness and delicacy of the transparent mesh that lets the flesh underneath show through.

The Valdis corset is a 7 panels underbust corset with a low edge at the front and high edge at the back to avoid the so called “muffin top”, and beautiful curves over the hips.

You can choose to wear your Valdis corset as a piece of lingerie, or on top of a blouse or dress to add extra wow to your already stunning outfit and look like a modern goddess!

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