Celebrate Your Inner Goddess with Vanadis Couture

A Brand That Empowers Women to Value Themselves

Welcome to the world of Vanadis Couture, a brand that celebrates the beauty and strength within every woman, in harmony with the power of nature.

Model: Bulle / Photographer: Emysphere photo

Handmade Lingerie with a Purpose

Our mission is to create lingerie that empowers women to value themselves, their bodies, and their attitudes. Each piece in our collection is handmade in Finland with the utmost care and attention to detail, and expresses the vision and beliefs of the owner and designer, Léa.

Lingerie That Tells Your Story: The Saga of the Goddess You Embody

At Vanadis Couture, we believe that the lingerie we wear every day tells our story, and we aim to write the saga of the goddess we embody with every stitch. Inspired by Nordic Mythology, each piece proudly bears the name of a Valkyrie or Goddess, such as Freyja, Skadi, Idun, Frigg, Valdis, and more, encouraging the wearer to reveal her unique beauty and power.

Model: Bulle / Photographer: Emysphere photo

Luxury Meets Sustainability: The Finest Materials from Europe

We source only the finest and most unique materials from different parts of Europe to create lingerie that is both luxurious and sustainable. Our focus on refined luxury and quality materials sets us apart and makes every Vanadis Couture piece truly unique. We carefully choose only the best French lace, Italian silk, and Oeko-Tex certified components to ensure each piece has a perfect balance of comfort, quality, expertise, durability, and beauty.

Join the Journey: Celebrate Your Inner Goddess with Vanadis Couture

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Embark on a journey to uncover your beauty and your strength with Vanadis Couture lingerie.

Model: Bulle / Photographer: Emysphere photo

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Hi, I’m Léa, a full-time corsetiere , sometimes model and photographer, most of the time artist dreamer.

I have the chance to live in Finland, surrounded by lakes and mythical forests.

Here on my blog, I share a behind the scenes glimpse into my life, business, and creative process, including new corset designs, scenes from the studio, art and books that inspire me, and my current obsessions. 

You can read more about my on my about page.

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