Embracing Authenticity and Vulnerability in the New Year

Dear readers, I hope that the holiday season has brought a sense of renewal and fresh energy into your lives.

Finding Rest in Winter’s Embrace

There is a mantra of “new year, new me” that often echoes in January, but here is a gentle reminder – January is the wintertime of the year, a season to rest, hibernate, recover and keep things small and simple.

Mother Nature teaches us the importance of taking it slow, as the Sun barely rises and sets early, the trees shed their beautiful leaves, we have to embrace this change.

Despite the pressure to launch into the new year with boundless energy and fresh ideas, I found myself emotionally crashing during Christmas. Days filled with tears felt like a deep cleansing, a necessary release. As I stoll through the snowy forest with my dog, I recognize the messages my body is sending. It has been a challenging year, marked by the loss of my father and the aftermath. Yet, I believe I’m closing a chapter and stepping into a new one. Life is cyclical, and I am at the end of one cycle – time to let go of things that no longer serve the person I am becoming.

Choosing Lightness for the Year

This year, I’ve chosen the word “lightness”.

I crave a light heart, laughter, travel and deep connections. It’s about rediscovering joy in my everyday life, a life built on the foundation of my dreams. Amidst my creative surge at the end of 2023, I felt lost and drained.

The struggle to balance creativity and the shadow of financial concerns was real. As an artist, navigating the business side isn’t my forte, but this year, I want to create from the heart, true to myself and embracing my multifaceted personality.

A Personal Pledge to Authenticity : Dreaming Big – Designing for Metal Queens

I often encourage my friends to express clearly their dreams, so I’ll take my own advice.

This year, my dream is to design stage corsets and outfits for female metal band singers I admire (because, yes, in case you missed it, your girl is a metalhead) – Floor Jansen, Simone Simons, Tarja Turunen, Sharon den Adel, Elize Ryd, and more.
I want to step out of my comfort zone, meet you in real life at festivals I usually go as a spectator, and witness my own transformation.

A Call to Self-Care and Reflection

I urge you to take a deep breath, pause the frenetic pace of life and reflect on what brings you happiness and makes you feel alive.

Trust yourself to know what’s meant for you. You are magical and only you can be You.

Let me know in the comments your word for this new year <3

With all my love

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