A face behind the sewing machine…

My name is Léa, and I’m a corsetoholic. I can’t give a precise day my love for corsetry began, but I can tell you it was love at first sight.

I’ve built my own universe in my head secret garden for so many years that The day I allowed myself to start this fantastic life project of Vanadis Couture, all I had to do was to work and to listen to myself. Like my hands already knew what to do (almost…).

I’m a self-taught seamstress, this is something that I’ve always loved, learning by myself. Regarding corsetmaking I was served! You have to dig again and again and put your hands in the dust to understand those little masterpieces.

What I truly love about corsetmaking is the beautiful and aesthetic outside aspect of it, and the hardware inside it. You will use fine lace, silk, or satin, and complex tools on the same piece. And the little Bob the builder in me is so filled with joy!  Corsetmaking is an exquisite blend of tailoring, architecture and engineering.

Every corset is handmade by yours truly, with a lot of love and care.

If you’ve ever worn a corset, you know how they can affect a person’s emotions and confidence. If you never dare or never had the chance to have your body embraced by a corset, I invite you to take the opportunity and guiding you would be my honor.