Where does the name Vanadis come from?

Vanadis is the second name of the Nordic goddess Freya and she represents beauty. What best to encourage every woman to accept and reveal her beauty!

Where are you based?

Moving from Paris to Finland, I now live near Helsinki, surrounded by beautiful forests and lakes.

Can I come to your studio?

At the moment I can’t offer visits in my studio.

Can I alter your designs?

I can alter and adapt previous designs that I have made to suit your unique style, for example changing colours, fabrics or embellishments.

What is your price range?

My creations can vary in prices depending on what you would like. Please contact me for an initial quote of your ideas.

How can I provide my measurements?

After placing your order I’ll send you the instructions on how to measure yourself correctly.

It is very important to be as accurate as possible when providing your measurements to ensure a correct fit as this is what I will use to create your order. If incorrect measurements are given, this can compromise the fit of the ordered garments, which I cannot be held responsible for.

How long does it take to make a garment?

The more complicated the design, the longer the design will take to create. A garment would take a minimum of 4 weeks.

Is it possible to have a short notice garment?

Depending of my schedule at the moment, short notice orders are possible. To guarantee your order will be ready on time I recommend getting in contact 4-5 months in advance to avoid disappointment.

What payment methods do you accept? Do you offer payment plans?

All payments are processed securely by Paypal or bank transfer.

Do you ship worldwide? What about duty for orders places outside the EU?

At the moment I only ship in the EU.

Do you lend out dresses/corsets for styles shoots?

If you’d like to rent any of my pieces for your shoots, please fill out my rental form. For more info please see my rental page.