Behind the scenes

Hi everyone!

A few weeks ago I was able to organize the first photo shoot of Vanadis Couture. I’m so lucky to have amazing, talented and generous friends! Follow me, I’ll tell you everything!

Caroline and Julien are passionate about photography, and as very good friends as they are, they support me in my project. During their visit to Finland, we scheduled a day for a photo shoot.

So here we are, looking for a nice place, that’s very easy to find here! we fell in love with a riverside and a small traditional finnish red cottage. Perfect!

Even though I’ve been modeling for 10 years, put a camera in my hands and I panic! To all the photographers I’ve worked with…RESPECT! Fortunately Julien and Caroline handeled the situation!

Photos, videos, we see big! Nobody said we can’t aim for the Moon right?

We started after a very early morning wake up, to enjoy the light and sun. We settled down after having met birds lovers who were here to observe them early in the morning. They were surprised when they saw all the corsets and big skirts…it’s part of the game of outdoor photo shoots!

Julien is behind the camera and I trust him blindly, and Caroline is making backstages at the same time! Wearing my own designs for the first time filled my with joy!

Now it’s time for you to enjoy the video, filmed and edited by Caroline. Go and check her website:

I’m working on many project at the moment and I hope these images will please you for now 🙂

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