My Promise to you

I have a confession for you. Today, after being lost in my thoughts, I finally understood clearly why I started making garments such as corsets and lingerie.

I have to let you know a bit more of my story to help you understand as well. Since my childhood, I was this shy little girl who chose to keep silent all the time and devote
herself to others. My unconscious will was to be loved by others by helping them, listening to them and be present for everyone who needed. And I did well, I helped my friends, I helped my family, I helped my boyfriend. But I forgot myself during the journey. And I was unhappy, truly unhappy. I lost myself in this crazy world where everyone is fighting their best to survive. I was mistreated by the ones I loved the most and thought it was normal.

One day I woke up, after losing the only person on Earth I loved deeply and who loved me for who I am, my grandmother, my unconditional love.
The wakening was hard, I cried for weeks, day and night. I felt alone in the dark, unprotected, vulnerable, and lost.

Few weeks after I decided to leave France for Finland. I had nothing to lose. And I knew I needed to be far and reconnect to myself to heal. Two weeks after moving in I bought my very first sewing machine.
I smiled because my grandmother was a dressmaker and even if she taught me lots of things I know in my life, we never really spoke about that. So I was thinkig “okay, you’re no longer here but I know you can see me” and I feel her next to me everytime I sew.

I started to learn basic things but as many multipotential person I always want to go faster than I should. So I wanted to create things a house like Dior could do, without even knowing how to stitch straight.

The process had began. I learnt, I failed a lot, but I was so happy to spend all my time and energy in learning something I’ve always wanted to learn. And finally, one year after I
decided to realize my first corset. I wear corsets since many years and I am a true lover for eveything that emphasis feminity and sensuality because I believe every woman is a master piece.
Even if I lack self confidence a lot, being a model helped me to realize how beautiful and powerful a woman can feel when dressed with delicate lingerie, crazy high heels, and
outrageous red lipstick.

Lingerie and corsets are to me the foundations of our eveyday clothing. We all, women, share the same secret: what we wear under our clothes makes us feel unique, sensual, sexy, confident, comfortable. And this is the most important.
Our lingerie is our daily love note to ourselves no matter the day we have to face.

One of my very closest friend honored me by ordering me a piece of lingerie I create, and she gave me the best feedback I could receive. She told me she felt sexy and confident, and that it has been a long time since she felt this way.

So here is my aim, to make you feel as unique and gorgeous as you are. To help you make peace with yourself if you don’t like your body, if, like me, you are the queen of self criticism.
What if we started loving ourselves for who we truly are, beautiful souls, filled with love, courage, strength, and shine together ?

I promise to treat you with all my love and kindness. Trust me and I will show you your inner beauty.


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Hi, I’m Léa, a full-time corsetiere , sometimes model and photographer, most of the time artist dreamer.

I have the chance to live in Finland, surrounded by lakes and mythical forests.

Here on my blog, I share a behind the scenes glimpse into my life, business, and creative process, including new corset designs, scenes from the studio, art and books that inspire me, and my current obsessions. 

You can read more about my on my about page.

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