My Promise to you

I have a confession for you. Today, after being lost in my thoughts, I finally understood clearly why I started making garments such as corsets and lingerie. I have to let you know a bit more of my story to help you understand as well. … Read moreMy Promise to you

Step after step

If you are like me, you are a perfectionist. As a creative person, I often dream of the perfect atelier, the perfect place to let my creativity speak, and the perfect material to realize everything I have in mind. But to be honest, this only … Read moreStep after step

Behind the scenes

Hi everyone! A few weeks ago I was able to organize the first photo shoot of Vanadis Couture. I’m so lucky to have amazing, talented and generous friends! Follow me, I’ll tell you everything! Caroline and Julien are passionate about photography, and as very good … Read moreBehind the scenes

Anatomy of a corset

Hello to everyone! Today I would like to explain to you how a corset is made. Corsets are complex and difficult to understand, so I invite you to the very private club of Initiates! Are you ready? Follow the guide and find out how a … Read moreAnatomy of a corset

Are corsets lingerie?

Throughout their history, corsets have been almost exclusively considered underwear. It was during the Victorian and Edwardian era that, this purely functional garment was transformed into a pretty piece of lingerie. The use of luxurious silk fabrics and delicate lace finishes allowed many corsets to … Read moreAre corsets lingerie?


Hi everyone, Today I want to introduce a little more Vanadis Couture and where it comes from. I assume Vanadis probably does not evoke much for most of you. And yet…Vanadis is actually the second name of the Nordic goddess Freyja. In the Edda, a … Read moreWHY VANADIS COUTURE?